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  1. I am here on Long Island and had wanted to visit the Historical Society, but I see you are closed on Apr 21-25 when I’ll be here. I was hoping to find out more information about Peter French and his son Hannibal. You may contact me at [email redacted by editor for commentor’s privacy].

    • Mara, thanks for reaching out! I contacted you directly last night as soon as your post came through, and I’m hoping you were able to work out logistics with one of our volunteers who responded within hours today.

      However, I thought this was a good opportunity to remind our online visitors and readers that we do try to open the house by appointment whenever possible. We usually need more than a couple hours notice for an appointment to open the house by request since we are an entirely volunteer group and we don’t currently have regular staffing. We can usually accomodate a request within a couple days, so please do reach out like Mara did if you might be coming to town.

  2. Wondering if you have any bio info on Captain Thomas Corcoran my maternal great grandfather. He and several of my family members are interred in St Andrews cemetery

    • Dennis, I suggest anyone with a specific personal research question like yours should email info@sagharborhistorical.org where SHHS accepts all sorts of questions like this. We prefer to answer these individually in an effort to give people thorough detailed answers.
      I took a quick look in what books I have here with me tonight without any results. I have a few other places I can look, but I handle the blog part-time from home and we have volunteers who answer questions like yours from our office. I’m going to forward your email and question, but you can probably provide a bit more information (birth/death dates? Captain of what? Army, Navy, sailing ship, whaling ship?) to make sure we give you the best answer possible. While I can guess St. Andrew’s Cemetery means your family member was buried after 1840 (based on when cemeteries opened/closed), St. Andrew’s is still an active cemetery, which gives us more than a hundred years to work with.
      Have you looked at any of the Suffolk County NY online newspapers? I’m not sure what year we’re talking about, but for most of the time St. Andrew’s cemetery has been open, there have been very prolific local newspapers, and those newspapers are OCR searchable for names. You can email me at webmaster@sagharborhistorical.org or the info@ email and let us know if you’ve used the newspapers already…

  3. It was a pleasure to meet Jack Youngs at the Masonic open house on Saturday June 4, 2016. The photo you have on your site, showing 4 men standing in front of Reimann’s Drug Store, includes my great grand father, Wme Reimann in the white shirt. I have the watch fob he is wearing in the photo. Any idea who the other men are?

    • Erik, we apologize for the delay but your message got caught up in a spam filter. This is a familiar image and a great question, but I don’t know the answer! I do know we have some other images of Reimann’s store, and I’m thrilled to hear we know who to ask about questions about William Reimann! I’ll forward your message to our photo expert and the team that does most of the research on questions like these. The best way to ask specific research questions like this is usually with the office email (Office AT Sagharborhistorical DOT org).

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