Sag Harbor in the Great War Exhibit

Several Sag Harbor Historical Society members contributed personal items to add to the Sag Harbor Historical Society’s contributions for Southampton Town Historian Zach Studenroth’s display on Southampton in World War I, 1917-1918. The display, done for the hundredth anniversary of the United States’ entrance into World War I is visible in the Southampton Town Hall on the second floor.

Seven of these items are from SHHS and SHHS Trustees.

Seven of these items are from SHHS and SHHS Trustees.

While items lent by Dorothy Zaykowski, Jack Youngs, and M.A. Rodriguez were credited in the exhibit text by Zach Studenroth, no caption appears for the Blue Star flag lent by Nancy French Achenbach.

3 thoughts on “Sag Harbor in the Great War Exhibit

  1. Hi everybody,
    I will be back in the Harbor and looking forward to the Exhibit opening on the 20th. Tell Jean Held to email me.

  2. I read this weekend in the Dutchess County News that the Dutchess County Historical Society is compiling information about WWI veterans local to that area and was curious if SHHS was creating a similar exhibit.
    Cooper Boyd wrote several very descriptive letters back to Annie Cooper Boyd about his adventures in WWI in the military band. Cousin Nancy left these letters to Her relations.
    I would like to know if the SHHS would be interested in the content of the letter (s) and photos of Cooper at that time?
    Please email me.

    • Hi Shawn, My understanding is someone in the office spoke with you about these letters? We are definitely interested in the content of the letters, and I apologize if this is a duplicate reply, but I haven’t heard anything further about these letters, so it seemed safer to follow up…

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